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1...23rd Apr, 201086 Comments
2Quiting.30th Apr, 201042 Comments
3EEP24th May, 201012 Comments
4your opinons please01st Jun, 201034 Comments
5Nother update29th Jun, 201028 Comments
6Team Twilight07th Jan, 20117 Comments

Starting off!

Before the beginning
7Prologue11th Aug, 200928 Comments
82G13th Aug, 200928 Comments
9Prof. Oak14th Aug, 20095 Comments
10Boy or Girl?15th Aug, 20095 Comments
11Names16th Aug, 20097 Comments
12Truck ride17th Aug, 20092 Comments

Chapter 1: Kyoho Town

The beginning
13Kyoho Town20th Aug, 20095 Comments
14Bored21st Aug, 20094 Comments
15Oak's Lab22nd Aug, 20091 Comments
16Choosing Pokémon23rd Aug, 20093 Comments
17May24th Aug, 20095 Comments
18Pikachu!25th Aug, 20093 Comments
19Ash vs Gary26th Aug, 20099 Comments
20Leaving27th Aug, 20095 Comments

Chapter 2: Kyoho Forest

Into the forest...
21Kyoho Forest30th Aug, 20095 Comments
22Forest Sign03rd Sep, 20092 Comments
23Beer!04th Sep, 20092 Comments
24Lost05th Sep, 20094 Comments
25Trainer?06th Sep, 20091 Comments
26Forest Battle!07th Sep, 200910 Comments
27Lovely Grass08th Sep, 20096 Comments

Chapter 3: Team Rocket

Meet Giovanni...
28Meanwhile09th Sep, 20097 Comments
29*Puns*10th Sep, 20092 Comments
30OH SHI-12th Sep, 20092 Comments
31Steelix!13th Sep, 20091 Comments
32The Plan14th Sep, 20094 Comments
33Hot Springs?15th Sep, 20093 Comments
34Wake up19th Sep, 20095 Comments
35Giovanni and Steelix20th Sep, 20091 Comments
36Brendan21st Sep, 20095 Comments
37Camping22nd Sep, 20091 Comments
38Pee25th Sep, 20095 Comments
39Wild Pokémon26th Sep, 20099 Comments
40More Excuses30th Sep, 20091 Comments
41Growlithe!01st Oct, 200916 Comments
42Now What?05th Oct, 20093 Comments
43Oh Pikachu07th Oct, 20091 Comments
44RickRoll'D08th Oct, 20098 Comments

Chapter 4: Otaka Town

First Gym! Yay!
45Otaka Town09th Oct, 20096 Comments
46Pokémon Center10th Oct, 20091 Comments
47Nurse Joy11th Oct, 20093 Comments
48Wake Up12th Oct, 20095 Comments
49Not Again!13th Oct, 200910 Comments
50Oh it's Oak14th Oct, 20093 Comments
51Pokedex15th Oct, 20095 Comments
52Oh it's Steelix16th Oct, 20095 Comments
53bOOM17th Oct, 20095 Comments
54Stop, Drop, and Roll20th Oct, 20095 Comments
55Putting out that fire21st Oct, 20096 Comments
56OH SHI- MORE FIRE22nd Oct, 20094 Comments
57Wake up23rd Oct, 20092 Comments
58Pika-chu?24th Oct, 20091 Comments
59Death25th Oct, 200917 Comments
60You saw it comming26th Oct, 20099 Comments
61Epic27th Oct, 20094 Comments
62Celebi28th Oct, 200910 Comments
63Stupid Oak29th Oct, 20096 Comments
64Oak's Story30th Oct, 20098 Comments
65Bye Celebi01st Nov, 20093 Comments

Chapter 5: First Gym

The Otaka Gym
66First Gym02nd Nov, 20091 Comments
67Wake up again02nd Nov, 200913 Comments
68Are you ready?03rd Nov, 20092 Comments
69The Gym!04th Nov, 200912 Comments
70Trainers fail05th Nov, 20092 Comments
71Alexander!06th Nov, 20095 Comments
72Gym Battle Part 107th Nov, 20095 Comments
73Gym Battle Part 208th Nov, 200910 Comments
74Gym Battle Part 309th Nov, 200910 Comments
75Gym Battle Part 410th Nov, 20093 Comments
76Gym Battle Part 511th Nov, 20095 Comments
771000 Hits12th Nov, 20099 Comments
78It's over already?19th Nov, 20094 Comments
79Sudowoodo20th Nov, 20099 Comments
80Thats the last straw 2G21st Nov, 200929 Comments
81Finally you're back...25th Nov, 20097 Comments

Chapter 6: The Triple Alliance

3 Teams Joining Together!
82You might have to wait...27th Nov, 20093 Comments
83Let me in!28th Nov, 20094 Comments
84"Ash Ketchum?" Are you sure?29th Nov, 200912 Comments
85Quick! To the PokéMart!30th Nov, 20096 Comments
86Pokénav01st Dec, 200910 Comments
87OH NO NOT AGAIN02nd Dec, 20097 Comments
88Mail from Team Malefic03rd Dec, 20092 Comments
89Team Magma/Aqua04th Dec, 20094 Comments
90Proper Haircuts only.05th Dec, 200910 Comments
91But that's what you do06th Dec, 20093 Comments
92What the-07th Dec, 200919 Comments
93EXPLOSIVE BACON08th Dec, 200916 Comments
94What! He did not!09th Dec, 20098 Comments
95100th Comic! Part 110th Dec, 20094 Comments
96100th Comic! Part 2 (ANIMATION!)11th Dec, 200918 Comments
97100th Comic! Part 312th Dec, 20096 Comments

Chapter 7: The First Contest! Part 1

East Otaka Town
98East Otaka Town18th Dec, 200910 Comments
99Quick! To the Contest Hall!19th Dec, 200914 Comments
100How much coffee?20th Dec, 200916 Comments
101Jimmy21st Dec, 200917 Comments
102Coordinators Only!22nd Dec, 20099 Comments
103Hand stuck23rd Dec, 20095 Comments
104Secret Santa from Fums6326th Dec, 200915 Comments
105Secret Santa for Cyborg_57227th Dec, 200910 Comments
106The Contest Pass?28th Dec, 20099 Comments
107Worried for a sec29th Dec, 200911 Comments
108HAPPY EFFING NEW YEARS (2 days late)02nd Jan, 20107 Comments
109Pretty big huh? No?03rd Jan, 201014 Comments
110Can't belive I'm doing this...03rd Jan, 20107 Comments
111Jimmy and Quilava Practice04th Jan, 201017 Comments
112May and Squirtle Practice 06th Jan, 201019 Comments
113Please do not hurt me.07th Jan, 201019 Comments
114Attention Trainers!10th Jan, 201015 Comments
115What Pikachu?11th Jan, 20107 Comments
116Behind you?12th Jan, 201018 Comments
117No really, it's behind you13th Jan, 201017 Comments
118It is starting14th Jan, 201064 Comments
119And it starts!15th Jan, 201056 Comments
120Otaka Town Contest begins!16th Jan, 2010149 Comments
121Oh THERE you are!18th Jan, 201017 Comments
122Nervous? I bet.19th Jan, 201013 Comments
123His last name is Gold.20th Jan, 201020 Comments
124Jimmy's Appeal 1/221st Jan, 201017 Comments
125Jimmy's Appeal 2/223rd Jan, 201015 Comments

Chapter 8: Wes and Rui

The duo from Orre!
126Meanwhile - Onwards to Otaka Town24th Jan, 201034 Comments
127Jynxed 24th Jan, 201021 Comments
128JUST A COINCIDENCE!26th Jan, 20107 Comments
129There it is! Now how did it get there?27th Jan, 201011 Comments
130Goodnight Wes and Rui28th Jan, 201012 Comments
131New outfit for 2G29th Jan, 201028 Comments

Chapter 9: The First Contest! Part 2

Part 2 of the contest
132Should've drank more coffee...31st Jan, 20105 Comments
133Sleepy Squirtle02nd Feb, 20106 Comments
134May's Appeal 1/202nd Feb, 20106 Comments
135I wear glasses03rd Feb, 201019 Comments
136May's Appeal 2/204th Feb, 201010 Comments
137And you thought Squirtle was sleepy05th Feb, 201010 Comments
138Red Bull06th Feb, 20104 Comments
139Yay she made it07th Feb, 201013 Comments
140Thoughts before Battle08th Feb, 201010 Comments
141Coordinators only Ash.09th Feb, 201011 Comments
142Hypno uses Hypno...sis11th Feb, 20108 Comments
143Getting sleepy Quilava?12th Feb, 20104 Comments
144Confused?13th Feb, 201016 Comments
145Fire Blastings14th Feb, 20103 Comments
146Just... don't ask.15th Feb, 20105 Comments
147Nicer than Orre16th Feb, 201022 Comments
148May VS Kyla17th Feb, 201010 Comments
149Sweet Scent!28th Feb, 20106 Comments
150Leaf Blades28th Feb, 201014 Comments
151Moar Leaf Blades01st Mar, 20109 Comments
152She Forfeits?03rd Mar, 201014 Comments
153Should have won05th Mar, 20105 Comments
154Final Round!06th Mar, 201019 Comments
155Fire Blast + Water Pulse = EPIC06th Mar, 201028 Comments
156Head to Head!07th Mar, 201013 Comments
157Bombs away!14th Mar, 20109 Comments
158Double Trouble15th Mar, 201013 Comments
159Touché... again.17th Mar, 201011 Comments
160o hai Wes19th Mar, 201010 Comments
161Forgetting something?21st Mar, 20105 Comments
162Go Meowth!22nd Mar, 201011 Comments
163Meowth blast off!23rd Mar, 201012 Comments
164Out of pkmn25th Mar, 20109 Comments

Chapter 10: The Council Meeting

The Council of Juhpon
165How late?03rd Apr, 20105 Comments
166CUPCAKES!05th Apr, 201012 Comments
167Oh look who it is12th Apr, 20107 Comments
168Elevators14th Apr, 201017 Comments

Guest Comics

169Guest Comics13th Nov, 20094 Comments
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191Guest Comic #2202nd Apr, 20107 Comments

Holiday Comics

192Halloween 200931st Oct, 20093 Comments
193Thanksgiving 200926th Nov, 200917 Comments
194Christmas 200924th Dec, 200912 Comments
195April Fools 201031st Mar, 20108 Comments
196Easter 201004th Apr, 201010 Comments

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