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Q. Where do you get your sprites?

A. I either rip the sprites from a VBA emulator myself, or get it from The Spriters Resource.


Q. Pikachu keeps changing sprites!

A. I usually different sprites for Pokémon in battle/overworld sprites. EX: Mystery Dungeon sprites for battling (usually)


Q. Why is the webcomic called "2G?"

A. It DOES NOT mean "Second Genration", It is something I made up out of the blue. I will probably have Pokemon from the 3rd and 4th generations anyway.


Q. What programs do you use to make the comics?

A. Ol' MS Paint for the basic comic and GIMP for any fancy effects.


Q. How long does it take you to make a comic?

A.  Not long, around 20 minutes ~ 1 hour.


Q. I want to do a Guest Comic!

A.  Go ahead.


Q. Is Gary a comic-relief guy?

A. Yes.


Q. I saw some legendaires.

A. Good eyes.


Q. How far are you planning to go with your comic?

A. I plan to finish up the Juhpon region. If I get that far, I'll make up a new region and continue from there.


Q. Ash loses Pikachu alot.

A. I think I knew that.


Q. Hey you didn't update on [date]!

A. This might be a daily webcomic, but I might be too busy to make one sometimes. I have a life kay?


Q. This place doesn't look like the Kanto/Hoenn regions!

A. 2G does not take place in those regions. I create my own regions and all it's features.


Q. [something] does not happen in normal pokemon games!

A. My region, My rules.


Q. I can't find the FAQ section of the site!



Q. I have a really good ide-

A. No, it's stupid.


Q. No really! It's a really really really good idea for your comic!!!

A. Then send me a email.


Q. I have a question not on the FAQs.

A. See above.


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