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  • Missing Number; Adventures in Glitch City.
  • Pebble Version
  • The Fire Lord and The Water Lady
  • Insanity Corp.
  • Simple Pixel
  • Pokegen
  • Pokémon Dream League
  • Clover's Pokemon Village
  • The HD Forums

Other Comics


At ComicFury (Where 2G is hosted at) There are many awesome webcomics. However, they are not well know as they should be, so here are a list of my favorite ComicFury webcomics.

Into the Orchard

Zack and Spike

Free For Panda

Call me Kate

Year of the Turtle


Love Kills Slowly


IceCream Soup


The Weekly Life in Simon's Basement

The Way of the Metagamer


The Other Grey Meat


Crystal and the Magic Crystal

Sunday Smash






Your comic not here? (For all you ComicFury users) Probably cause the list would go too long and I only put the ones I really enjoy the most. I'll update this time to time, so check every now and then to see if yours got on "the list"

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